Experience & Fit

We are looking for individuals with 3 to 5 years of successful experience running a restaurant of similar size.  I believe This Is It! and This Is it! BBQ and Seafood are christian companies, where franchise locations will be closed on Sundays, and will not sell alcohol.  Prospective franchisees must adhere to these principles.

Initial Investment

The I Believe This Is It! Franchise program has two Franchise Models:

  • ToGo Model - This model features the same menu as all other locations with very limited seating and toGo packaging.  The total investment necessary to begin operation of a This Is It Bar-B-Q and Seafood ToGo restaurant ranges from $413,754 to $601,612  including Additional Funds of $20,000 to $30,000. The total investment includes the initial franchise fee of $25,000.
  • Dine In Model - This model includes BOTH Dine In and ToGo capabilities.  It features the same menu as all other stores, seating for 40 or more guests, dine in tableware, and toGo packaging for ToGo orders.   The Total Investment Necessary To Begin Operation Of A This Is It Bar-B-Q And Seafood Dine In Restaurant Ranges From $580,690 To $840,205  Including Additional Funds Of $25,000 To $40,000. The Total Investment Includes The Initial Franchise Fee Of $35,000.

Any prospective franchisee must be able to raise funds necessary for initial startup, and must have funds available for ongoing operations until the restaurant is well established.

Hands On Management

I believe This is it! expects our franchisees to run their restaurant(s) "hands on" for at least the first 2 years of operation.  As an alternative, an Investor Franchisee can run their restaurant through an Operating Partner who has restaurant experience.