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How Much Money Can I make with a This Is It! BBQ and Seafood Franchise?

Income level is dependent upon sales volume, cost, and how well you manage your restaurant and control variable costs. Because of these variables, there is a range in the amount of profit or loss you might expect. Each community provides a unique situation that makes it extremely difficult to project income levels.

How much money does it cost to open a This Is It! BBQ and seafood franchise?

  • The Total Investment Necessary To Begin Operation Of A This Is It Bar-B-Q And Seafood ToGo Restaurant Ranges From $413,754 To $601,612 Including Additional Funds Of $20,000 To $30,000. The Total Investment Includes The Initial Franchise Fee Of $25,000.
  • The Total Investment Necessary To Begin Operation Of A This Is It Bar-B-Q And Seafood Dine In Restaurant Ranges From $580,690 To $840,205 Including Additional Funds Of $25,000 To $40,000. The Total Investment Includes The Initial Franchise Fee Of $35,000.

I would like to have multiple units, how can i accomplish that?

If you have multi-unit franchise experience, i believe this is it!  will consider granting a This is it! BBQ and Seafood area developer agreement.

What are the franchise fees for a This Is It! BBQ and seafood franchise?

ToGo Model Franchise Owners will pay a Franchise Fee of $25,000.  Dine In model Franchise owners will pay a Franchise fee of $35,000  You must pay the Franchise Fee in two installments: the first 50% installment is due on the date you sign the Franchise Agreement, and the second 50% installment will be paid upon I belive This Is It approval of your real estate site and Lease Agreement.  Each payment can be tendered by Cashier’s Check, Certified Check or Money Order. 

If you are an Area Developer, you have committed to develop more than one Restaurant and are granted a non-exclusive development area for this purpose.  Upon signing the Area Development Agreement, you will remit to us 50% of the aggregate Initial Franchise Fees to be paid for all Restaurants to be opened under the Area Development Agreement.  You will remit the remaining 50% of the Initial Franchise Fee for each Restaurant upon our confirming your site by execution of the Franchise Agreement for that Restaurant (which must occur on or before 120 days prior to the opening date set forth in the development schedule).

What type of training will i receive?

The first two Phases of our initial franchise training program are available to all Franchise Owners and additional persons, including the Franchise Owner’s spouse, Manager and Assistant Manager, up to a total of four to five people.  If the Franchise Owner is a legal entity, then the “Operating Partner” of the Franchise Owner who will serve as Manager of the Restaurant, selected by the Franchise Owner and approved by I Believe This Is It, must attend Phases One and Two.  Phase Three is open to all Franchise Owners, the Operating Partner, location Manager, Assistant Manager and additional employees, as mutually agreed upon.  See Item 15 in this Disclosure Document for more information on the Operating Partner.
Before opening for business, you and your designated persons must attend and complete the initial franchise training program to our satisfaction.  Each individual Franchise Owner and/or the Operating Partner must attend and satisfactorily complete the entire initial franchise training program. 
Phase One Training
Phase One of the initial franchise training program is conducted at our headquarters in Fayetteville, Georgia.  It is a one-day overall introduction to the Franchise Program for all Franchise Owners and/or, if applicable, the Operating Partner.  

Phase two Training
Phase Two of training will be held at our Headquarters and/or at Restaurants of our choosing and will last up to twenty five (25) business days. 

Phase Three Training
Phase Three, which will be held at your location and will last up to ten (10) business days.  The exact training dates will be mutually agreed upon.
The entire three-phase initial franchise training program uses the Manuals, Online video training, and other written materials developed by I believe This Is It with approved vendors, and must be completed approximately three weeks prior to the opening of the Restaurant. 
We provide this initial franchise training program at no additional charge for a total of up to four to five people for Phase One and Phase Two.  Phase Three is also provided at no additional charge.  If you wish additional people to attend Phases One and/or Two, we may charge you a fee.  We may require any other principal(s) or employee(s) of the Franchised Business to attend and satisfactorily complete all initial franchise training programs.

What continuing Operations support will i receive?

I believe this is it will use its best efforts to provide the following guidance and assistance on a continuing basis to enhance the growth and performance of the This Is It! BBQ and Seafood Franchise Program:

  • We will continue to search for more cost-efficient sources of supply.  With the strength of group purchasing, we will endeavor to purchase supplies and inventory at reduced prices.
  •  We will endeavor to maintain an inventory of promotional material and sales and service Manuals, available at reasonable costs.
  •  We may perform periodic quality control visits to each Franchised Location.  During such visits all operations may be inspected and recommendations may be made to correct deficiencies, improve techniques, and enhance the efficiency of each Franchised Location.
  •  We may continually evolve in order to meet changing consumer demands and market conditions.  Accordingly, we reserve the right to change the This Is It Bar-B-Q and Seafood business operations from time-to-time.  You must promptly adopt such modifications at your sole expense.

What is the term of my franchise?

The initial term of the franchise is 15 years.  it can be renewed in 5 year increments by signing a then-current franchise agreement.

What are the next steps?

Please use the contact form to send us your initial information, and to request a full franchisee application.

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